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5 Best Forex Trading Apps List of All Time
- The development of smartphone-based technology also has an impact on increasing access to more practical trading through various applications.

However, you should know what trading applications are trusted and have been allowed to operate in Indonesia, because not a few trading companies develop their applications illegally.

One of the most widely circulated trading applications in Indonesia is Forex trading. The reason is that investing in Forex trading applications for some people is considered important, because then the financial condition will increase.

However, the risk that is owned is also quite high, so it is highly recommended to choose a Forex Trading application that is trusted and has guaranteed security.

Forex trading is a type of investment trading with currencies between countries that provides many advantages because there are various kinds of attractive features and easy access.

In addition to supporting features, there are several advantages to using a forex trading application, including:

  • Many languages ​​available, including Indonesian
  • Withdrawal and deposit processes can be done with local banks

List of Trusted Forex Trading Applications

5. MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Meta Trader (MT4) is a trusted forex trading application developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

This application works with a trading system that connects hundreds of forex brokers around the world.

The MT4 application also makes it easier for users to carry out technical analysis with a flexible trading system.

In fact, in some information it is stated that this application can help users to get real-time price quotes.

In addition, there are several choices of instruments that can be used, including technical analysis indicators, news feeds, to online charts, so this application is very suitable for novice traders.

Judging from the rating, this broker has a rating of 4.1 with 100,000 users who downloaded it.

4. Agrodana Futures News

The second trusted forex trading application is Agrodana Futures News, an application developed by Agrodana Futures and one of the local companies.

The advantage of this trading application is that the service system is based on technical and fundamental analysis, so it is very easy to understand.

In addition, this trading application also provides an economic calendar, economic data, live price quotes, and educational materials.

Judging from the rating, the application has been downloaded by 1000 people with an average rating value of 4.8 stars

3. Hanson Forex Investing

The third trusted forex trading application is Hanson Forex Investing.

This application was born in 2018 by combining a trading platform and news information under one roof.

Facilities that can be used such as Take Profit, open positions, to Stop Loss, and have been downloaded by 100,000 people with an average rating value of around 4.7 percent.

2. Trade Optimizer

The fourth trusted forex trading application is Trade Optimizer which is a paid application and is quite popular among traders.

In this trading application, you will get various premium features such as a calculator that helps to analyze risk, determine positions, and post-trade analysis.

Judging from the rating, this broker has a rating of 3.2 with users who downloaded as many as 1,000 traders.

1. MIFX Mobile

The last trusted forex trading application is MIFX Mobile which was born in 2000 and developed by Monex Brokers 21 years ago.

This trading application has several advantages, including transactions that can be carried out without the need for an additional metatradig (MT4) platform.

In addition, there are features such as the One Click Withdraw menu or payment facilities for withdrawing the profits you earn, as well as Price Alerts that can be set to monitor your trading process.

This forex trading application is under the auspices of PT Monex Investindo Futures and has been registered or supervised by BAPPEBTI. That way you don't have to worry about the security system from MIFX Mobile.

Judging from the rating, this broker has a rating of 4.2 with users who downloaded as many as 10,000 traders.

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