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7 Latest Ways to Disable Automatic Downloads on WhatsApp
- WhatsApp is one of the most popular telecommunication applications. Since it was first launched by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, in 2009, this application has continued to develop, both in terms of features and security systems.

However, not all WhatsApp users understand this useful feature. Not only serves to send messages, but WhatsApp also functions to send various files such as photos and videos.

When the file is sent, by default, WhatsApp will automatically download the photo or video posts that the user receives. For users who have an android with a low cellphone memory capacity, of course, they will experience a slow cellphone condition because the cellphone storage is full.

Buddy lightning do not need to bother, there are several ways to overcome this problem.

Here are 7 ways to disable automatic downloads on your WhatsApp:

1. Tap the three dot icon in the top right corner

2. Then click "Settings"

3. Select “Storage and Data

4. See the “Media auto-download” section

5. To disable automatic downloads, select “When using mobile data” and uncheck the Photos, Audio, Videos, and Documents sections

6. Also uncheck the "When connected on WiFi" and "When Roaming" sections

7. Done, now the various media files that you receive will not be downloaded automatically


That's how to disable automatic downloads in the latest WhatsApp application, hopefully it's useful!

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